I am a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 1041) – Approved Instructor, a Member of the Institute of Animal Care Education (MIACE) – having gained a Distinction in my study of Canine Science and a Member of the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour (MADTB) – Gold Level Instructor.

I hold Diplomas for my studies with the BSY and am a BSY Registered Dog Obedience Trainer & a BSY Registered Pet Psychology Practitioner having gained a Pass in Dog Obedience Training and a Merit in Pet Psychology.

I am also registered with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour & Training Council)

About Us

Myself and my 18 month old Shetland Sheepdog, Shadow.

  • My aim is to teach owners to enjoy training their dogs to be well-mannered, socially acceptable family pets.
  • All training is conducted within APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) guidelines.
  • I only use kind methods: voice; body language; treats; toys and clickers which are suitable for dogs of all ages.
  • I do not believe in aversive methods of training and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do I allow the use of choke chains, prong collars, electric shock collars, etc.

Why Train Your Dog

A well trained dog is a happy dog.

The better behaved the dog the happier the owner because they can share so much more.

A well behaved, obedience trained dog is a pleasure to own because
he can go virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others.

For example a well-behaved dog is welcome in many establishments that do not normally allow dogs.

A well-trained dog is able to enjoy much more freedom,  for example:

If he has a reliable recall he is able to enjoy off-lead exercise in appropriate areas.

He doesn’t have to be banished to another room when
visitors come to the house for fear he will be a nuisance which in turn
means he gets more attention, which most dogs love.

He can take part in a lot of family activities   

Training strengthens the bond between the dog and his owner and teaches the dog that you, the owner, are leader of the pack.

Without proper training dogs are likely to misbehave and when this happens everyone loses:

The owner, because they live with the dog.

The dog, because he is frequently in trouble.

The dog owner's neighbours, because living next to a difficult dog is not very pleasant.

Training May Save Your Dog's Life

Obedience training also gives the dog owner the voice control necessary to prevent potential tragedies.    For instance:

If he slips his collar he can be kept under control vocally until his collar is put  back on.

If  someone accidentally leaves the front door open and the dog
starts to go out he can be called back using the recall command.        

In an emergency situation obedience training may save your dog's life.

The bottom line is that dog obedience training truly benefits everyone.

I run training classes in the Salisbury area and also offer
one-to-one tuition to deal with specific problems or if you are unable
to attend classes.